Sifter Tray 4-pack


Our standard 4-pack of sifting trays includes four popular micron screen sizes for a variety of applications (see below). All four trays include polished stainless steel housing and wire mesh screen, are safe and easy to clean with our spatula-brush tool, and are stackable for convenient storage.

  • 150 micron: a larger screen, this tray gets quick results (typically 30 seconds) and yields a course sift with some vegetal matter present. Best used for mixing with other leaf: grown a bowl, roll in a joint, make a moon-rock.
  • 125 micron: this screen sifts kief somewhere between course and fine, good source material for canna butter or infusions/edibles. Helps to run it for 60 seconds.
  • 95 micron: one of our smaller screens for a higher purity sift. Kief this fine is best used for pressing into hash, rosin or mixing into coffee/tea for a morning pick-me-up.
  • 70 micron: our smallest screen, this tray yields the highest purity sift with minimal vegetal matter, though it may require several minutes of sifting.

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