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The first motorized dry sifter designed for the home, Highten can extract kief in just 30 seconds—ready to mix and consume in a million ways. Patented shake-and-vibrate technology lets you independently manipulate THC and terpene ratios to shape how you want to feel. Clean, 100% solventless with zero chemicals. Easy to use, maintain and clean.

  • 15” x 9” x 6” and 19lbs (like a kitchen appliance)
  • Premium steel housing construction with stainless steel sifting trays
  • Designed for sifting cannabis, hemp and various kitchen dry ingredients (like coffee grounds and hops)
  • Capacity: up to 2 ounces per cycle (~1.5lbs/hour; strain dependent)
  • Yield: between 25-30% with 250 micron screen and 60 seconds cycle time
  • Digital interface: easy on/off power and adjustable cycle timer
  • Accessories: sifting catch pan, tray screen replacements in various sizes for course and fine sifts, brush/spatula combo, stainless steel agitator coins

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4 reviews for Highten Sifter

  1. Matt (verified owner)

    Bought on a few weeks back and could not be happier. Works better than the 150-gram tumbler that recently had its motor burn out on me. I decided to try another product instead and it has given me good yields and consistent pollen

  2. Charles Sieger (verified owner)

    This is built to last. Very high quality and extremely easy to use.

  3. cannabush (verified owner)

    Highten’s sifter is really simple and easy to use, you just plug it and play. The adjustable timer makes it easy to set and forget without worrying of over sifting making it perfect to cycle through material. The separate kit with different micron screens trays are also able to hold a good amount of material, & the different sizes work great to offer different quality of your preference. I’ve added dry sift to my joints for the added potency and flavor also makes bigger clouds. It’s really easy to use I’m happy with this product, can’t wait to see what else is possible together using this machine. Don’t forget to add the brush it makes it simple to collect your dry sift nicely.

  4. Scott

    I’ve been able to give the sifter a good test run, using about 27oz total of trim and popcorn.

    Taking the machine out was a pleasant surprise as it felt close to a kitchen-aid mixer in weight, and it has a sleek look that was really attractive. Opening the clear lid and removing the 2 included pans was simple, and everything appears to be high quality and built to last for years.

    My first couple runs were with the 250um screens, and I used the preset 30 second cycle. I was shocked how much I got, and I could tell immediately this machine will pay for itself in labor alone in a weekend. Moving past my first few runs I developed a feel of how the material needs to be for optimal kief extraction, along with adjusting the cycle time to better fit my needs.

    When the rest of the screen sizes arrived I was able to really put some material through it. Having the full line of sizes is ideal but of course you can do great with perhaps a fine for pressing hash and a couple larger for baking and cooking. The screen pans are SS, with a smooth, seamless inner edge and everything appears to be finely made to tight tolerances. The pans fit tightly into their cradle and all the inner parts are robust and look like it’ll take abuse. That’s extremely important because the unit generates quite a bit of vibration while in cycle.

    We use the “constant run” cycle and set a timer for the length we need. We run the popcorn and trim, after getting it bone dry, through a processor until only tiny nugs if any remain. We then put about a quarter to 8-9 grams in the machine and run a 5 minute cycle with the 70um screen 2 times. Then we run 2 more at 125um and that’s it for fine pressing the material into hash, wax, etc. After that we decarb the shake, and use successive screens to catch the coarser grades for cooking.

    We also found placing the machine on a foam entryway mat will cut noise and vibration to much better levels. A couple drawbacks, the fine kief tends to adhere to the corners of the screen, and takes some scraping with the provided tool to get it all (the tool is as important as the screens also!). The directions for setting the cycles is a bit vague I guess you’d say, but experimenting helps and this thing is built tank-like so I’m not worried about anything failing mechanically.

    Overall this is the best purchase I’ve made besides my new lights in a very long time. A couple ideas, maybe provide a mat for above issues regarding vibration, and perhaps a 1-1/2 ” tool for gathering larger amounts of kief.

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