We believe in the positive power of cannabis. For individuals. For society. For those who want more out of life.
Highten™ is a new kind of company committed to enlightening cannabis experiences while elevating the conversation and community.
Because for us, taking something good and making it better isn't just a job, it's a higher calling.

Elevating the science

As we work to craft a better cannabis experience, Highten is committed to funding marijuana research that improves health outcomes and enhances lives. And we’re open to collaborating with like-minded researchers, scientists and thought leaders. If that sounds like you, let’s talk.

“Open conversation about cannabis is happening now more than ever before, and it’s affecting everything from attitudes to opinions to consumption.”
Linda Gilbert, BDS Analytics

Eliminating the stigma

Nobody likes to be stereotyped. While society’s views of cannabis are evolving, we’ve only just begun. That’s why we’re giving to science and listening to smart people—because when facts are on your side, the conversation around cannabis gets a little more enlightened.

Evolving your relationship

If you’re reading this, then cannabis may be something that makes your life better. Imagine crafting your experience to suit any mood or moment. The best part of exploring your relationship with cannabis is how much you can learn about yourself.
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